"Megaphone3000" is an exciting big screen game where your cell phone becomes your controller!

"Megaphone3000" is a collection of 10 mini games that are played on a large public screen with an average cell phone. Your phone becomes your controller. No special software is necessary. All games are controlled with either the player's voice or the number pad. Players battle to stay connected - the loser gets disconnected and the winner battles on!

Upgraded version is coming soon with more interesting features!!!

ITP Spring Show 2007. May 8 - 9

MEGAPHONE 3000 at ETel (Emerging Telephony Conference) by O'Reilly!
(Feb 27 - Mar 1 2007, San Francisco Airport Marriott)

O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference 2007

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Play MEGAPHONE 3000 at ITP Winter Show 2006
Sunday, December 17 2-6PM
Monday, December 18 5-9PM

How to play

1_ Call the Megaphone 3000 from anywhere, from any phone (international okay too)

2_ Each caller is represented by an avatar on the screen with their phone number

3_ The first caller can choose a game

4_ There are 10 games, one for each digit on the keypad

5_ Some games are played with your keypad and some games are played with your voice

6_ Each game is under 5 seconds. When the game starts, there is a simple instruction such as "hail the taxi", or "type the answer" and the player has to figure out what to do quickly

7_ You can play the games by yourself, or against another caller

8_ If you lose, you are disconnected and the winner can keep playing the rest of the games (by themselves or against a new challenger)

! your cellphone becomes your controller

! not a mobile app : any phone can participate

! makes idle time valuable

! ad hoc social connection


- Internet Telephony
- Big Screen
- Public Space
- Phone
- Multi Player
- Big Games
- Mini Games

- Java
- Asterisk
- VoIP

Theme song

Awesome Megaphone theme song by Michael Horan



O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference 2007

O'Reilly Radar

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ITP winter show 2006


Instructor / Technical Advisor: Shawn Van Every

Authors: Jury Hahn , Chris Kairalla

Sound Design : Michael Horan

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